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Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first XO

Howdy!  Thursday (two days ago) I received my first XO laptop in the mail. Today, I'm updating the software on it to the latest release (or build), 8.2.0.

Now, to explain, the XO is the laptop from the One Laptop Per Child (or OLPC) program out of MIT. I'm going to Uganda in January to join Julie (who leaves in 19 days!). I'll be there volunteering in the local communities surrounding Kibale Forest (where Julie will be working, and we both will be living). I will be volunteering through the Kasiisi Project for at least five months, and maybe seven (until August).

As I understand it now, the Kasiisi Project deployed 100 XOs in the local schools around Kibale.  I'll be taking over coordination of the deployment from the current volunteer after a short training period beginning in January.  The XO deployment isn't the only thing Kasiisi has going, but it's a major component right now, as I understand it.  Julie and I are flying up to Boston in two weeks to participate in an OLPC meeting, which I believe is about training among other things.  I'll keep you posted on how things go etc, especially come January when I'm there in Uganda.

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