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Saturday, October 17, 2009

First post from Uganda!

Hi! I'm finally writing from Uganda; I arrived last night. When I got off the plane, I was pleased to see a man from the US Embassy holding a sign that said "Julie Rushmore" (thank you Fulbright!). He drove me to the Jane Goodall Institute House in Entebbe, where I'm spending the weekend. In case you're wondering - Jane Goodall doesn't actually live here. She lives at the JGI house in Tanzania (as her research was done at Gombe Park in Tanzania).

I lived at the JGI house in Entebbe last summer, so it's nice and familiar to be back here. Entebbe borders Lake Victoria - one of Africa's great lakes. The photo to the left shows a view of the lake from the JGI house. There are currently two cats and SEVEN dogs living at the JGI house! I love it :)

This photo was taken on my walk to the market in Entebbe. On Monday I'll head to Kampala to get my research permits and lots of field supplies. Talk to you soon!

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