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Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year's in Uganda

January 1, 2010

What a way to start the New Year!  I arrived in Uganda last night to reunite with Julie after 11 long weeks apart. :)  I landed around 10PM local time (GMT +3) and made it through customs by 11PM.  We spent a quiet evening in, drinking gin and tonics and catching up.  Julie was super sweet and had bought me a phone and a french press, which are both super exciting!

My flights were the longest I've ever taken, yes, never more than 5 hours have I flown, but then, that's a feat too, considering I don't have wings.  I clearly remember seeing Nova Scotia (and thinking how cold and miserable it would be if our plane crashed and I managed to survive, just to freeze to death).  Yes, I think about death a lot when I'm flying.  It scares me more than most things.  On my flight from London to Entebbe, I also saw the sunset over the Sahara, which was beautiful and crazy to see that much sand in one place!  Luckily, all went smoothly and I'm here now. :)  Last thing for now, my sleep schedule has never undergone more than 3 hours change. I was completely awake at 5AM this morning!  And now I want to go to sleep at 3PM, haha!!  OK, not many pics yet, but here is one of Julie relaxing, which are our plans for this first week of January.  More pictures to come!

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  1. I think the mischevious smile matches the shirt quite nicely :). Glad you made it Dean. And the rafting sounds amazing. So jealous! yur neighborhood SAH