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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rafting the River Nile

January 3-5, 2010

Julie and I had an awesome experience rafting on the Nile River on Sunday! Now, this was my first rafting experience, which was a bit intimidating.  I make a point of not trying out dangerous things (even somewhat dangerous things) in developing countries.  I was accepting of this venture, but would in no way join the bungee jumping seen from the river banks (even if it was over the water!).

To say the least, the rafting was incredible!  Our Ugandan guide, Henry, was very confident and clearly well-versed in water dynamics and safety, which comforted me.  We had two kayakers to pick us from the water when we flipped, which was pretty much guaranteed.  We were heading 30km (19 miles) that day through class 3 to 5 rapids with some flowing river and some flatwater lakes in between.  The first few were class 3, which warmed us all up to the 5s coming up.  I think we may have made it through the first class 5 upright, but not the rest!  Now, I should mention that they say these are special class 5 rapids because they won't suck you in and cycle you through, or hold you under water more than a few seconds.  They were certainly HUGE waves, so I buy that they're class 5, and I was spit out every time I went under, as was everyone else, so I believe it.  On the last rapid just before the take out, we piled in 4 more and ran it with 8 plus the guide.  The guide and I got knocked out!  While I was under water, patiently waiting to surface (and Julie was asking where I was), Julie said  I kayaker was in the raft with his kayak in a flash, steering them for the take out point.  Well done, Explorers (our guide company)!

Sadly, we don't have pictures, as they told us to take off all jewelry, sandals, and anything that might be ripped from you.  I've attached two photos from up on a high bluff were we camped in a bungalow for the following two nights while relaxing and reading.  We passed this point on our rafting trip about 1/3 of the way.  Also, you'll notice the picture of Julie and me enjoying chapatis!  This was my first chapati, called a rolex (from rolled eggs). :)

To quickly report, we saw no crocodiles.  Whew!  There were lots of birds: Great Cormorants, Ibises, Pied Kingfishers, African Fish Eagles, African Darter (aka snake bird, called a darter b/c it literally darts fish with its beak!), egrets, a Black-crowned Night Heron, and a Palm-nut Vulture. OK, more to come later!

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