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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kasiisi School and KIDA

February 20, 2010

Yesterday, I went to Kasiisi to help with teaching the computer class at 4, but found out that a local organization called KIDA (Kidojo Integrative Development Association) was going to put on a performance.  These are some pictures from their education talk at the beginning explaining the importance of hand washing and how to use a tippy tap (I need a better pic of one of these. Coming Soon!).  The mzungu in the picture is a Peace Corp volunteer, Mark. He's near the end of his term of service.  KIDA danced some after their hand washing lesson, and then put on a play for about an hour.  The play was about the importance of education and how "education empowers women."  Pretty good, even though it was all in Rutooro and all I got was ego, which means yes. :)  The picture here is the conservative sister and the less so sister arguing.  In the end, the conservative one goes to school and graduates and the other ends up pregnant, without husband, and broke.  I think it was good.  There were certainly a lot of laughs (I just laughed when others did :).

Oh, and I threw in a picture of Kasiisi School's grounds so you can get a better overview of where I go a few days a week.

Tippy tap education:


Kasiisi School grounds:

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