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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grasshoppers are...delicious!

I recently learned that November is “grasshopper month” – where grasshoppers are sold fresh at market in plastic bags. The grasshoppers – a delicacy – are brought home where they are briefly boiled. Then the legs and wings are removed before the grasshoppers are fried, sometimes with onion. Grasshoppers are very fatty and can be fried without oil; they provide enough natural oil to grease the pan. The other night, my Ugandan friends Patrick and Dennis invited me over for dinner; the main dish – grasshoppers. Yes – I am a vegetarian, but I love trying new foods…and I am happy to report that the grasshoppers were…surprisingly delicious! I can’t think of how to describe the taste – perhaps like fried corn (but not popcorn). It was a little odd to see a bowl full of fried grasshoppers, but all in all, it was a yummy experience :)

(photo from Google Image)


  1. Nice! I am a big fan of eating insects. I've tried a few orders here and there, with mixed reviews. Lots of cultures' diets are getting worse because younger generations have begun cutting insects out of their diets, but have not been adding items back in that are as power packed.
    One of the best books I've read on the subject, if you're interested, is "Man Eating Bugs". Beautiful photography as well. When you get back, remind me and you can borrow it.
    Have fun!

  2. agreed, grasshoppers are yum and versatile. I've dabbled with roasting, chocolate coated and brownies.

  3. oh sheesh, really? love it that you tried and awesome that they provide people with protein...actually, gasshoppers sound a LOT better than grubs or fatty worms. at least you get some crunch. eek. xoxo :)

  4. i've only tried one grasshopper before. it was pretty tasty. did you have to pull off the legs?

    termites is where it's at!!