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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Lunch at the Field Station

December 20, 2009

Today Emily, the Ugandan chimpanzee project manager, hosted a pre-Christmas lunch for all the researchers and field assistants associated with the Kibale Chimpanzee Project. There were about 15-20 people; it was a lot of fun. Lunch was scheduled for 2PM, but in pure Ugandan style, was not served until 5PM. So, we all sat around the table and talked (half of which was in Rotooro – i.e., I couldn’t understand it!), but some people were very kind and talked a lot in English as well. For lunch, we had lots of traditional Ugandan foods, including: dodo (dark spinachy greens), calo (millet), g-nut sauce (a delicious peanut sauce), matoke (boiled plantains), chapattis, cabbage, rice, and beans. There was also meat (chicken? goat?) for the meat-eaters. Late-comers arrived around 6PM (for a lunch scheduled at 2!), which called for a second round of “lunch” that came at about 8PM. All in all, I was there for about 8 hours, and had the opportunity to meet a lot of new Ugandan people, several of which were hilarious :) Below is a photo of the delicious food:

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