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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Psion is IN!

December 8, 2009
This year, I’m using a Psion – a small(ish) handheld computer – to collect chimpanzee behavior data. It was a huge hassle to get this thing! It was back-ordered and ended up arriving after I left for Uganda. Sigh. Another researcher graciously brought it to me when he arrived in Uganda – and I am now using the Psion for data collection! It can be a bit bulky and awkward to run with – but all in all – I love it! It’s wonderful to come home at night and upload my data files, as opposed to copying data from hand-written notes. Here’s to hoping it keeps on working! I heard that another researcher who had a Psion in camp previously accidentally dropped it in the long-drop toilet…eek! Luckily it was in a zip-lock and could be retrieved…somehow. I’m extra careful after hearing that story. No Psions in the long-drop toilet!

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